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Converting to Digital Paper

So it's been a while.

Of course it has, I keep forgetting the meaning of consistency... But yhh, I just wanted to document my illustration experiments, which done via portraits. I recently got the new iPad Pro 12.9" with the Apple Pencil and so far I've been loving it! I began experimenting with faces, because of course - that's what I know, and it's actually really satisfying to use. I started off with sketching off head, exploring the brushes and getting used to all the tools and functions before looking for tutorials on YouTube, I kind of just wanted to figure it out for myself... I moved on quickly (as I usually do),  and went back to the process of tracing images to create more realistic looking illustrations. Below are some of the illustrations I did off head that are more cartoonish...

These are some of the more realistic ones I did and I posted the final images I posted on Instagram @Hannah_Balogun. I don't love them to the core, but think the more realistic shading is a new thing for me, and I enjoyed playing with the paint brushes in the background.

Now I didn't know what to expect from the Apple Pencil - on one hand, it's amazing because if feels like your actually drawing, and the way you can manipulate the page on the iPad in terms of zooming in and out, turning around the page makes the process so convenient. However it's also quite tricky to the get smooth lines, depending on the brush you use I guess, but still, I definitely feel more connected to the drawing during the process in comparison to my bold, graphic portrait illustrations I usually do one Instagram with Adobe Illustrator on my desktop.  Getting the iPad has definitely been great for work as well! I've been helping out with projects which involve me using it, and the more I use it at home, the easier it is for me to use at work, which also works the other way around - the more I use it at work, the more skills I learn for when I'm doing my illustrations at home!

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