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Sketching in Menorca

So this year I went to Menorca with my family for a week, long story short - it was amazing!

Last year I went on holiday and tried taking a book to keep me company, but I don't think I even made it past chapter 1. The book wasn't boring, I just doze off a lot, but moving on, I decided to take a notebook and a few black pens along this time around incase I wanted to doodle. I didn't think I would actually use them, but as soon as I saw the view from our hotel balcony, I sat down with my lined paper and pens, and got down to business.

I enjoy drawing with pens because I personally feel like pen drawings always come out interesting, along with the fact that I'm not allowed to rub anything out - this stops me from overthinking and see how it goes!

Below I've explored both scenery, objects and nature, and towards the end I came up with a method of adding lines within the line drawings to give them more depth, which I really like, and will keep in mind in the future within my illustrations.

Enjoy the lines on lines!

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