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Abstract Printmaking

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I worked as a Student Ambassador this summer at my university, and this term the teachers were able to set up printmaking workshops for the students to learn about some of the process at LCC! We did both Risograph Printing and Letterpress Printing and I decided to get involved, as usual. Everyone was introduced to the woodblocks, metal blocks, as well as plastic blocks with shapes on them, and though I'm well acquainted with the Letterpress studio I had never seen the abstract plastic blocks before - I was intrigued!

I decided to experiment with the blocks and see what types of patterns I could come up with - after allI am planning to explore Letterpress and Patterns in the my final year of University. I began by using blue and orange inks on blue and orange paper, I played around with colours and overlapping. Below are some images from the process and scans of the prints.

There wasn't a real aim to these prints, but I enjoyed the fact that I was able to try something new in the Letterpress room, and hopefully I'll be able to take some of these ideas into my later practice.

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