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My First Today at Apple Session

So like the title clearly says, I went to my first Today at Apple session, and it was great! I attended an Art Lab, which was held by Yukai Du called Designing Layered Worlds at the Apple Covent Garden store.

Yukai Du actually started at UAL Central Saint Martins, which is amazing and so inspiring seeing a UAL student making such beautiful work and doing great things. She did a presentation talking about her work and life. Yukai enjoys hand drawing/the hand drawn style and tries to showcase it through animation as she brings her work to life. She also uses dash lines in her work and tries using and adapting them in all her work, even when changing her style, this creates consistency and gives her an identity as an artist.

I noticed during her talk that she tends to adapt her style when travelling and that's where she finds her inspiration; when she first moved to London to study she was intrigued by technology and the way people use their phones, thus she made an animation for the her final major project in Uni. However when moving to Brighton, she explored the beach huts by the sea side and was inspired by the colours, when in Amsterdam she made multiple GIF's based on sunsets and eyes, and from Bangkok she made 2 illustrations, and kept developing and expanding them. She drew different scenes using the same style, and this helped her to represent her ideas better, and this method of developing really inspired me.

Towards the end of the session, we had a task of using a template Yukai made for us, and the aim of the game was to basically put your spin on it. I was excited to see her work, right in front of me, on my iPad, but as usual - no clue what to do. After taking the easy route and changing colours around, I kept the base, used a colour palette I was exploring previously, and duplicated the shapes. Below is the original image, and my experiment.

When I first got my iPad last month, I was drawn towards brushes on Procreate, and seeing how Yukai made use of them in all her illustrations made me want to take the task further. When I got home, I was thinking of drawing my my Mac desktop in front of me, along with other random items in my room, but the thought of getting stressed about it not looking like a certain way, led me to just draw my Mac and come up with some geometric shapes to create an interesting composition. I could have stopped at the first illustration below, but like I mentioned previously, the idea of continuously developing one illustration really stuck with me and is something you'll hopefully be seeing within my practice as I continue to upload. Below are some images from the process.

I then began adding lines and patterns to the shapes, inspired by Yukai's work, and I think this worked well. I really liked how the curves in the patterns looked like the tree bark,, so I continued this within the second experiment too, and in the third one I tried dots, which definitely gave it more of a childish, girly look in combination with the light pink background, but it's interesting to see how the colours and patterns change the tone in each experiment.

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