• Hannah Balogun

My Swatch Book of Proposals

I'm currently planning to undertake a placement year with the help of my university, we call it a Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) - you would usually do DPS after your second year, and before your third year. Before we start applying to places and curating our portfolios, we were asked to make a proposal of things we plan to do in the year out. Within my proposal I proposed my potential subject specialisms, projects, collaborations, exhibitions and competitions. I also suggested studios I would like to work in and I researched them in both the UK and abroad because I would really love to do 2 terms in the UK and 1 term abroad to at least get a taste/some experience on what it’s like to design outside the UK. Going abroad for the whole year would be way out of comfort zone, so if it's available, it will be a something I would love to undertake! I also introduced some internships I found which are currently available, along with companies I could volunteer at, and what I’m planning to write about within my thesis in third year of my course.

So below are some rushed and slightly blurry images of my swatch book proposal - sorry, and I chose to design my proposal in this repetitive, sliding page way to mimic a swatch book as I feel like the whole concept idea is for us to present a range of different ideas and possibilities, so this is my swatches of possibilities! Additionally, I spent my 4 week easter break procrastinating so the final outcome isn't exactly what I would have loved but I feel as though the design pushed me to do something different and be a bit more thoughtful/creative.

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