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The Exhibition: Found In Translation

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

We made it.

We held our first exhibition.

Summary word: success.

The exhibition went extremely well! I ranted so much in the last blog, so I won't put you through that, instead, here are some amazing Photos my friend took - props to the multi-talented Ruth! (I had some pictures from the actual exhibition night, but they're not as nice)

Overall, I think the collaboration aspect was as successful as the exhibition itself. Despite it being a process of us bringing our work and sticking it up into a shed, the days we spent making and working around each other allowed us to actually collaborate as we gave each other opinions on our work, inspired each others outcomes, and were there to give advice on problem solving and decision making. I also love the fact than when looking around the exhibition, so you can see the difference between the Graphic Designers and the Fine Artists - however, the fact that some of the 'fine art' pieces include text as well, and even the letters on the carpet done by one of the Fine Artists, joins all the works together to link back to the idea of communication and translation.

A few notes before you start scrolling - you'll see some windows with doodles on them - one of the girls suggested we allow people to interact in the exhibition, so we stuck some clear acetate on the shed windows and allowed people to get involved! We also had a piece of paper in the Gazebo for people to comment on the exhibition, it was great tp have some physical feedback, as well as talking to hear what they thought.

Alright - I'm done.


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