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What a way to make a living

So ever since college, my schedule's has always been set up in a way in where I'm only required to leave my house maximum of 3 times a week, and university was the same. However of course, being the proactive student I am, I was always at College or Uni as much as possible because my focus at home is horrible, but the point is I had the option. I've finished my second week in a full time job and I've come up with a few pro's and cons off the top of my head:

Pro's at working a Monday - Friday 9.30pm - 5.30pm

- A steady income, yay yay, yay.

- I'm forced to wake up and be productive everyday.

- I get into the habit of building a consistent routine, which I like doing.

Con's at working a Monday - Friday 9.30pm - 5.30pm

- I have no time to have a proper relaxed day besides the weekends when everyone else is also relaxing, ew.

- No time for gym - morning is too early, evening is way too packed.

- Oxford Circus is a joke. The crowds of people are horrendous, and every week or so the station will be shut, which leads for even bigger crowds, which leads to a 15 minute walk to the next station - which of course I wouldn't mind, if there weren't so many people. So many.

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