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There's nothing wrong with a bit of space!

So it's almost been a month at my internship and it's been so interesting to be in the environment learning about different sectors within the company and seeing how everyone's skills and contribution get the train going. Lately, I've been assisting the creative team with presentations and learning to use an HTML email developer software for in-house emails and Apple communications, and within all the typing and image downloading, I've noticed myself becoming less scared of the process of laying things out.

Editorial design is my worst nightmare, but only because I feel like my brain doesn't like to digest images and text very smoothly, meaning it takes a while to get my head around it, but the more I'm asked to place an image there or sprinkle some text over there to ensure things are clearly communicated, the more I just go for it. I guess it also helps that my manager is sitting next to me to give me immediate feedback if I'm not sure of anything.

So what have I learned within the design process? I've started realising how important the use of s p a c e and the adjustment of kerning is within the design and layout of something - as soon as my manager adjusted the kerning between the paragraph of text I'd been working with, I felt like something clicked, I mean of course I've been introduced to kerning before, but I feel like seeing it do its thing in real life context was magic. I also just began thinking about all my university research documents (designed, curated and printed sketchbooks), and how all of my annotations are so squished together due to the lack of kerning, sigh. I even noticed that the compact aesthetic of Helvetica isn't all that amazing, but then again, every typeface needs a little adjusting. Moving on, I've also started looking at images a little differently, and how the simple act of shrinking an image down on the page, can make it more pleasing to the eye due to the lack of space around it.

Moral of this random, short story, there's nothing wrong with a bit of space.

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